About us

It’s hard not to face outsourcing software development. Either part of the code is written in warm countries, or the design was obtained from afar, or product support lies on the shoulders of partners. In fact, each stage of production can be moved outside the company and transferred to the caring hands of outsourcing providers. QA-outsourcing is no exception.

Our company has combined reviews of the best IT companies and their services and now you can view a detailed catalog of these companies and their services on our website. You should simply use the convenient squeak system. Companies have joined forces in promoting smart technologies that increase the efficiency of software and testing processes, as well as improve the economic performance of firms. All this is in order that each consumer could the most convenient performer. Cooperation covers several areas:

  • Improving the software development process
  • Requirements analysis
  • Quality control of technological design
  • Making a test plan and test cases
  • Stress Testing
  • Manual and automated testing

In particular, the resources of companies allow us to conduct unique scientific research on the effectiveness of the use of smart technologies. In addition, the experts agreed to implement this user search system and create objective reviews of their services to popularize smart solutions. On the example of innovative products, we see how smart-technologies increase software efficiency. And we want our experience, our ideas and best practices to help other users and organizations to significantly increase their own productivity. You will receive answers to all questions on your infrastructure, valuable recommendations and an understanding of possible ways of development.

A couple of years ago, similar services were primarily interesting to large enterprises, but now we are seeing how actively this kind of testing and the like are being introduced into our world. We all are pleased to offer you testing services of any levels of complexity and appropriate consulting services, whether it be the introduction of new software elements into your organization, or the creation of a prototype of a reporting system that suits your organization!