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It’s hard not to face outsourcing software development. Either part of the code is written in warm countries, or the design was obtained from afar, or product support lies on the shoulders of partners. In fact, each stage of production can be moved outside the company and transferred to the caring hands of outsourcing providers. QA-outsourcing is no exception


Our Services

Cooperation covers several areas

Improving the software development process


Requirements analysis

Quality control

Quality control of technological design

Test plan

Making a test plan and test cases


Our testings

Manual and automated testing

Usability testing

Usability testing is a method for evaluating the convenience and efficiency of an interface. Representatives of the target audience of the product are involved in the evaluation who work with the interface, performing specially selected tasks. Based on the behavior of the usability respondents, a specialist makes conclusions about the presence of usability problems in the interface and their nature


Regression Testing

The greatest threat to the quality of software products is their change. Regression testing solves this problem. After any change in the code of a software product, defects may appear, and even experienced developers often do not suspect exactly where they will arise. This concerns not only changes in the code, but also changes in various settings, configuration, data in the database, access rights

Compatibility Testing

A large number of browsers that use different engines for rendering pages make web developers look for various ways to check their website for compatibility with them. As a rule, such work does not carry anything pleasant, and can spoil your nerves to a large extent

Configuration Testing

At the modern market of applications and services there are huge number of different operating systems and the so-called. And for each of these supports “cubes” there is a development path, several intermediate versions, and the software manufacturer needs to ensure the compatibility of its product with all their combinations

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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

In particular, the resources of companies allow us to conduct unique scientific research on the effectiveness of the use of smart technologies. In addition, the experts agreed to implement this user search system and create objective reviews of their services to popularize smart solutions

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